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Camille Rivera
February 14, 2017

Chris Harrison is a wizard!

And as far as Vanessa goes, if Reality Steve's spoilers are correct, the special education teacher from Canada will win Nick's final rose and they will appear as an engaged couple on the After the Final Rose special on March 13.

Vanessa received the first date card, which read, "Let's go deeper". "I have such a love for you, but right now I don't feel like there's the in-love", Nick tells Kristina. "I'm only human. I can't help if embarrassing things happen to me", she said in her interview. Following their short talk, they kissed and enjoyed the ride. They snorkel around a shipwreck and make out in the water. He said if Rachel doesn't end up with Nick, she "will be among many that are overqualified to be the Bachelorette". "He wants her to open up more to him emotionally wise", Corinne tells Rachel about Vanessa's date.

Corinne, determined to usurp her throne, deploys the emergency Louboutins and heads to Nick's room after-hours to "turn on" her "sex charm".

Corinne knows exactly what she's doing... and she always leaves us (and Nick) wanting more. He told her that he's had great loves, but he knows that there is a greater one and that he really, really likes her. On his date with Vanessa he said: "It is incredibly important to me that if I say "I love you" in this world that I only say it to one person". Vanessa seemed disappointed that he couldn't say it back. Hopefully her reaction doesn't hurt her in the long run. And despite being the "queen of group dates", Corinne was not on her A-game this time around.

As they approached their destination, Kristina's fear of swimming with sharks grew, while Raven promised to "punch a shark in the face" if that's what it came down to. Ha, well a shark attack would be one way to end this insane season!

Let's break it down: as Nick is no stranger to Bachelor Nation, there are multiple seasons worth of people this could be. But she's discouraged when she's picked alongside Kristina and Raven for a group date on yet another yacht. From what I hear, it takes a certain emotional intelligencey to figure Nick out.

It's unclear if Nick finds out about the fight and if he did would it sway his decision when it comes to sending two girls home on Episode 7? Corrine meantime, sat on the couch pounding back cubes of cheese. Translation: There's no chance in hell I'm telling you I'm falling for you too, but hey, "I really, really like you a lot". Raven used her time wisely.

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Danielle is shocked. She thought she was meant to be with Nick and is beside herself. Isn't that confident! At last it was Corrine's turn.

"Nick is so unpredictable", Corinne says noting that "He throws curveballs" and she is scared that one will hit her "smack in the face".

While Rachel and Nick make the most of their casual, one-on-one date, Nick realizes the next rose ceremony will be the turning point of his journey as he'll be meeting the family of his potential bride-to-be. Nick led Raven away to a beachside concert.

The next one-on-one date went to Danielle, which unfortunately fell flat.

Rachel was asked on the final one-on-one date before hometowns, and she glowed with excitement.

When Nick broached the topic of hometown dates he asked, "would we go back to Wisconsin?" They stopped for some local snacks and souvenirs.

'So, they just announced that Rachel is going to be the Bachelorette, ' began Ellen, to which Nick excitedly began clapping and encouraged a round of applause from the audience. Danielle doesn't seem to notice that Nick is bored and he's already reminiscing about their first date, because this one's so boring.

Danielle fights the urge to shut down her feelings, in part because of her ex-fiance's drug overdose death.

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