Elon Musk Advocates For Becoming A Cyborg

Geneva Matthews
February 16, 2017

One of these ideas was that AI should be developed so that their values should always be in alignment with humans and if the system causes harm it should be possible to ascertain why, as machine exists to serve mankind and never to rule over him. Musk is mostly concerned about how AI, such as autonomous cars, will replace human jobs.

Though he stopped short of warning humankind that "resistance is futile", Musk mentioned that we will have to merge with machines somehow.

He further theorized that as artificial intelligence becomes more widespread, human beings run the risk of becoming useless.

Since our brain in terms of speed lags behind the computing abilities of an AI pushing us towards extinction unless we manage to device a method of bandwidth interface to the brain; thus forming an interdependent relationship between human and machine intelligence.

Nope. Doesn't sound scary. He insisted that "artificial general intelligence" is "smarter than the smartest human on earth" and overall a " risky situation". At the Dubai Summit, Musk compared our current communication capability (typing) of 10 bits per second, to that of a computer's, at "a trillion bits per second".

On Monday, Elon Musk proudly announced that Tesla officially entered the UAE market and that consumers can already place orders for the Model S and the company's Model X crossover vehicle.

In 2014, Gulf Business wrote about how Teslas were the flawless cars for Dubai roads: "If driving an uber-luxurious electric auto is seen to be the new status-symbol on Dubai's roads, it could slowly lead to a significant leap in the move towards sustainable mobility". He noted that over time, we could see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.

"The most near-term impact from a technology standpoint is autonomous cars", Musk said at the Summit, according to CNBC.

"We need to figure out new roles - what do those people do?"

However, he warned that such ease may lead to a jobs issue in the space of just 20 years; one that could be replicated across many industries.

Dubai's official Media Office said that Musk met UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, who welcomed Tesla's decision to set up its regional headquarters in the city state.

"We're making more with fewer people", says Howard Shatz, a senior economist at the Rand Corp. think tank.

"The much harder challenge is, how are people going to have meaning?"

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