Vehicle engulfed in flames at Texas Jack In The Box drive thru

Erica Roy
February 16, 2017

Coming off a meal break, Officer Chris Womack heard a call for a motor vehicle fire at the local Jack in The Box.

Womack can be seen on dashcam footage pulling in behind the blue Ford and nudging it forward as the flames licked the side of the building.

The driver of the truck says the fire began in the engine.

Womack drives the cop auto over the curb to better maneuver into position behind the truck.

But the officer was able to bring the vehicle to a stop a safe distance from the restaurant, greatly reducing the risk for employees and patrons dining inside.

In the video, the police cruiser being driven by Officer Chris Womack pulls up to the back of the truck making contact with vehicle. No one was hurt.

Glenn Heights police on Facebook commended Womack for his "courage and quick thinking" that kept employees safe and prevented major damage to the building.

"When I got there, the flames were reaching the roof", Womack said. "But in the video, I've watched it a couple of times, I'm breathing pretty heavily".

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