As Russian Intel Ship Skirts Long Island, Lawmakers Sound Alarm

Geneva Matthews
February 17, 2017

According to several news reports, The Russian ship SSV-175 Viktor Leonov was in worldwide waters, 70 miles from Delaware.

Evidently the missiles had been in development for years, despite protests from the U.S. that they violated the treaty.

It was the first time Russian planes flew by a Russian U.S. warship since President Donald Trump took office. The comment was in relation to satisfying what he thinks is the media and the public's overwhelming ire for Russian Federation, stating, "The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship 30 miles offshore out of the water".

Groton is home to America's submarine base. On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that Russian Federation deployed a new cruise missile that is prohibited under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed in 1987.

A Russian ship - reportedly an intelligence vessel - was spotted sailing up the East Coast near Long Island in worldwide waters, the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed Wednesday.

While the U.S. Coast Guard is tracking the ship's course, it would not disclose its location.

As a signals intelligence ship created to intercept electronic communications, the Viktor Leonov's proximity to Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut, has set off alarm bells in the Pentagon and among intelligence agencies. U.S. territorial waters extend 12 miles from shore, so the vessel is well into global waters.

Before heading to the USA, the Leonov was seen in the Atlantic Ocean seemingly headed towards the Caribbean and in early February it made port in Kingston, Jamaica, according to ABC News. However, such missions were more common during the Cold War. The Viktor Leonov was photographed in Havana in March 2014 and has been making its way north along the East Coast, according to the Associated Press.

"A Russian spy ship patrolling 30 miles from the Groton subase underscores that the threats posed by a resurgent Russia are real", said Courtney in the above video. It is expected to travel back south along the coast and then toward the Caribbean, CBS reports.

"We are aware of the vessel's presence", said Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson, a Defense Department spokeswoman.

Moscow also ordered the deployment of a ground-based nuclear-capable weapon inside Russia's borders. He said Russian President Vladimir Putin was "testing" Mr. Trump.

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