McDonald's Latest Innovation Is an Over-Engineered Straw

Kristi Paul
February 17, 2017

McDonald's new Chocolate Shamrock Shake presents food-mixer purists with a problem: There is a layer of mint and a layer of chocolate, and they need to be consumed together.

So with help from some aerospace engineers, the company is introducing a new type of beverage transfer tool: the STRAW, or "Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal". The STRAW's design allows for both components to be sucked without having to mix the shake up. "A lot of designs we came up with would work well when the shake was full, or might work when the shake was empty", he tells Fast Company, "but in a lot of situations, we found if we didn't get the diameters just right, we'd end up drawing in air".

Yesterday during a 20 minute Facebook Live session, Maccy D's unveiled its new J-shaped straw.

Seth Newburg, the principal engineer and managing partner at NK Labs, argued that this task was a challenging one, but, nevertheless, it had an ambitious goal. It was not as simple as it may seem to develop something that could deliver a proportional amount of both mint flavors and chocolate in one sip. Maybe it's not an iPhone-grade innovation, a device "so revolutionary, it changes everything", but it's close, as McDonald's explains in its video.

McDonald's chose to re-engineer the straw above all other mechanisms.

God bless. Physics is not something I understand (or like), but I can get behind a perfect-tasting Chocolate Shamrock Shake. The tasty treat is a layered fifty-fifty combination of McDonald's chocolate milkshake topped with the popular minty green flavor on top. Consumers may blame the company for implementing the straws for a limited number.

The burger chain has produced only 2,000 straws for Shamrock season.

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