U.S. disappointed by Russia's reaction to its airstrike on Syrian airbase - Tillerson

Tomas Mccoy
April 10, 2017

But while the free healthcare he gets as a refugee is helping him heal, Mustafa and numerous almost 3 million Syrian migrants who have fled to Turkey are gradually losing hope for their war-ravaged homeland. "At this stage, we are not expecting a new migrant wave. And we believe that the first priority is the defeat of ISIS", Tillerson said in a clip made public on the eve of the Sunday talkshow's air time.

The 56-year-old Syrian colonel managed to jump out of the aircraft after pulling his parachute as the plane was going down above the Hatay province in southern Turkey.

"We call on Russian Federation to do everything possible to bring about a political settlement in Syria and work with the rest of the global community to ensure that the shocking events of the last week are never repeated".

Turkish calls for tough action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after US missile strikes on one of his airbases may overestimate Washington's appetite for deeper involvement in Syria's war and threaten Ankara's fragile rapprochement with Russian Federation. They would then be expected to train civilians, Kinik said.

"We don't have guns".

"We have got to be frank with them and we shouldn't just allow the Americans to go off and do that, we should be doing that ourselves".

Reacting to the comment, an aide to Mr Johnson said: "It is a shame the Lib Dems would rather snipe and be silly when the U.S. and United Kingdom are trying to work on a plan to help the innocent people of Syria and stop a devastating civil war".

Washington has presented "no evidence whatsoever" yet that the Shayrat airfield in Syria's Homs Province targeted by the United States after an alleged chemical attack in Idlib had any such weapons, the Russian Defense Ministry said. "The destruction of the Sharyat airbase marks an important step to ensure that both chemical and conventional attacks against the civilian population do not go unpunished", he added.

He added: "I want to state something clearly: while children are being massacred in this world, no one has the right to feel themselves safe or in peace". Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said the West should do more to help Turkey shoulder the humanitarian burden.

If adopted, constitutional changes proposed in the April 16 referendum will transform Turkey from a parliamentary system to an executive presidency, significantly expanding the powers of the presidential office, Aljazeera reported. "We have a much bigger responsibility", Erdogan told cheering supporters. "Maybe then he can build homes for us here", said Gaceel al Awaad, who earns about 30 lira (6 pounds) a day working in fields, nearly all of which goes to pay rent.

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