How the 'Girls' finale redeemed its millennial star

Ellen Mills
April 18, 2017

Hannah Horvath girls-top-10-music-moments-lena-dunham-video-robyn-beyonce">of Girls has grown up. I think we definitely show both sides of it.

As co-showrunner and executive producer Jenni Konner reveals exclusively to TVLine, the scene - which would've marked the onscreen debuts of Dunham and Allison Williams' longtime stand-ins Cara Guglielmino and Lytle Harper - was "cut for time".

As for the show's legacy, I don't yet know. Last week's penultimate episode, which played more like a traditional finale, saw the recently engaged Shoshanna encourage the three other girls to "call it" on their friendship and acknowledge they hadn't actually acted like true friends in quite some time. Not only do Shosh's and Jessa's storylines end with Shosh's engagement party, but the NYC storyline ends as well.

Marnie, escaping a life of residing in her mother's home gym (the magic of GIRLS' writing is in the details), shows up at Hannah's new home and begs her to let her into her new life. He begins to cry and Hannah goes to him.

We flash-forward five months. It's a sort of adorable tit-for-tat between the friends, until Hannah points out that the whole thing is "starting to feel perverse", and not just because of breastfeeding problems that Marnie tries to help out with. It would be tempting to show motherhood as a cure-all for Hannah's less-than-helpful personal quirks.

Hannah then relented and agreed to accept Marnie's help. But the ability to breastfeed is also - as we learn from concerned comments about bonding to the pediatrician - what Hannah wanted, at least at some point. Fucking everyone"-which causes Hannah to take off". She suggests she take a night off to go by herself to a local wine bar, and Hannah snipes at her for trying to escape her and the baby, even just for a few hours. They've become the prototypical, sitcom-style married couple. Time and again, those articles and blog posts and conversations circle back to the same question: Will they ever grow up?

Meanwhile, at home, Marnie and Hannah's mom talk about Marnie's future. Hannah rails at Marnie for not being more supportive, but of course Hannah's too self-involved to see that Marnie, too, is struggling. But also, it's in this moment that you see Hannah's potential as a mother.

Hannah then passes out on the floor and refused to have coffee to wake herself up. "You've got to start the way you finish, in some ways". You can't break the lease. Hannah and her volatile and magnetic ex (Adam Driver) realized once and for all that they weren't good for each other anymore.

"You know who else is in emotional pain?"

Hannah storms out of the house in pregnancy jeans. Loreen walked in, later asking Marnie about her "beating off". How will she handle being a truly single mom when Marnie and her mom leave? "Are you happy here?" The girl tells Hannah how she ran away because her mother was trying to make her finish her homework, and Hannah is infuriated by this, asking for her trousers back and explaining that her mother doesn't want to tell her to do her homework, there are a million other things she would rather be doing - but that is her job. The world out there is scary. She storms out the door and walks around the town for a few hours, eventually losing her trousers and shoes in an attempt to help a teenage girl fleeing an "emergency incident", that turns out to be merely a fight with her mother over homework.

After the eponymous group of friends - Hannah, Marnie, Soshanna and Jessa - made a decision to call their relationship quits in the penultimate episode that aired last week, the finale picked up months later after Hannah had given birth to her baby boy, Grover, and was living a quiet life as a single mother in upstate NY. She uses her own unusual methods to try to make them feel better.

Being someone who lived in Brooklyn for most of my life (I was even born there), I fully understand the allure of moving "upstate" after having a baby. In this case, it's a young girl in some kind of undefined distress who ran away from home without clothes and desperately needs to get in touch with her boyfriend Justin.

Regardless, ten or 15 years from now, Girls will be our time capsule of that time span - one filled with ill-fitting crop tops and awkward sex and overuse of the word "literally".

"We knew that the baby's name was Grover Horvath before we knew that "Grover" was the fantasy name of [Hannah's] water-skiing f-buddy".

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