Trump goes after leading Democrat in Georgia race

Erica Roy
April 18, 2017

But with 10 Democratic incumbents defending states Trump won past year, the party will need to win over middle-of-the road voters, too. The townships of Elgin and West Deerfield both elected entirely Democratic boards. The problem extends to the pillars of the party's electoral coalition, including African-Americans, Latinos and young voters, whose absence from the polling booth skews elections in the GOP's favor.

Kansas has been sending out similar signals with the Democrat candidate James Thomson' campaign gaining huge strength against the Republican Mike Pompeo.

"Lots of people are coming out who aren't rabid political animals, but they're appalled at numerous things that have been going on with the [Trump] administration", Ken Hall of Cobb Progressives told The Atlantic. With the help of progressive blogs like Daily Kos and celebrity endorsements on social media, Ossoff has raised an astounding $8.3 million.

Tuesday's special election has received outside attention as millions of dollars pour into the district. Paid for by the Congressional Leadership Fund, the ad was presumably meant to portray Ossoff, who most recently worked as a documentary filmmaker exposing judicial corruption and wartime atrocities, as young, unserious, and. a leader in the alliance to restore the Republic?

Trump underperformed other Republicans in the suburban district, making it a soft target for Democrats. In the years since Republicans have won re-election in the district by large margins. Instead of providing national Republicans with a winning advertisement for fiscal conservatism, it provided Kansas's government with giant revenue shortfalls, its economy with weaker job growth than in neighboring states, and Brownback himself with one of the lowest approval ratings of any governor in America... "The Democratic base is fully mobilised and unlikely to be defused".

Tuesday's primary includes 18 candidates: 11 Republicans, five Democrats and two independents. This year, he lost by 16.

"I have to give my voice", she said.

"The super Liberal Democrat in the Georgia Congressioal [sic] race tomorrow wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes!" the president tweeted. Price was re-elected in November with a 23-point spread, but Trump carried the district only by 1.5 percentage points over his rival Hillary Clinton.

Even Facebook is taking part in the Democratic resurgence.

Cillizza: Conventional wisdom is that Ossoff's best (and maybe only) chance to win the seat is Tuesday, not in a runoff. But the illusion here is perhaps even more pronounced.

But some experts say it's still too soon to declare a Democratic revolution. That said, he faces long odds. But Republicans are growing more confident they have the votes to thwart him.

"We are not going to submit to blackmail", he added. We're figuring out how to take what we've learned here and bring it to other communities.

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