Google Earth gets a mobile-friendly makeover

Kristi Paul
April 19, 2017

Along with introducing several new features to the popular mobile and desktop app, it also makes the app more usable and more informative than it has been in any of its previous iterations. One can search any area on the earth through Google Earth. Additionally, you'll now be also to share you favorite places with friends by sending a Postcard.

Furthermore, Google has added something called Voyager which will allow you to browse "interactive guided tours" created by scientists, nonprofits and other "storytellers".

As anticipated, Google is today taking the wraps off the new Google Earth experience. The new version adds 3D maps of specific locations, facts about random places, and guided tours.

A good way to waste away an afternoon, Google Earth has been continually evolving over the past decade, though its latest overhaul is seen as a landmark event by Google. Fortunately we live in an era of ubiquitous broadband connections, and if you want to tour this giant rock we reside on, Google Earth is a great place to start.

Sean Askay, right, engineering manager with Google Earth, demonstrates features on Google Earth, displayed in background, Tuesday, April 18, 2017, in NY. There are now over 50 experiences in Voyager with more planned to be added weekly. Google Earth is highlighting some 20,000 lesser-known destinations — the kinds of places locals might frequent or know about, such as the Indonesian island of Bunaken, part of a national marine park. It's been five years since Google released a new version of the program. You can ask for the tallest hotel in Dubai and get nothing, while over in Google you get the answer suggested before you've finished typing.

But now the inclusion of Google's growing armoury of video tours, as well as improved 3D maps of cities, have been bandied together.

The updated Google Earth, which rolls out this week, will now run as a web app in the Google Chrome browser, or on Android. Beyond learning more about the location you're now looking at, you can also use Knowledge Cards to find related places.

Earth Day is coming up this weekend, and to celebrate, Google Earth received a major update today to version 9.

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