Nintendo Switch Sales are Off to a Roaring Start

Kristi Paul
April 19, 2017

Per SuperData's projections, Switch will shift over 7.2 million consoles in 2017, putting it over halfway toward the Wii U's total install base that took four-plus years to accumulate.

The Switch has received praise for its console-tablet hybrid design that lets gamers play both in the living room and outside the house. To put this into perspective, the the Xbox One sold 2 million units in 18 days whereas Sony sold 2.1 million units within 14 days. That is up from its original forecast of 5 million units, showing that this is a better start than the research group was expecting. Most of the reviews posted for the Nintendo Switch have been positive, though there have been some problems occasionally.

The iconic game company sold 906,000 Switch consoles in the March, making it the fastest-selling Nintendo game system in history and one of the fastest-selling game consoles of all time.

What's even more interesting in these numbers are the sale figures Nintendo shared for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The term "system seller" gets thrown around a lot in video games to describe a game that's good enough to justify buying a new console practically on its own.

Breath of the Wild's reported sales success doesn't come completely out of the blue. The rendering of the game on the Nintendo Switch is astounding, with sharp and bright screens with powerful stereo speakers. You can carry the device with you anywhere you go, as it is a portable console and very comfortable as well. To make things a bit more interesting, Nintendo is throwing in a Super Mario Mash-up pack for the game. The Switch is fun and offers ease of use.

A game that comes out on two consoles has an OK chance of outselling the new one it launches with, but pulling it off without even needing the previous-generation sales is a truly impressive feat.

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