Sanders urges party to go beyond comfort zone

Erica Roy
April 20, 2017

Jane Peters, a retired education official, echoed Olin's sentiments.

"The United States must not act impulsively, and we must not act unilaterally", Sanders said. "He has to be a leader".

We may not need a new socialist party, and it would be a harder sell, perhaps, to put such a party into power given how deeply rooted fascism has become in America.

Sanders barely campaigned in Texas during his presidential run, where he finished a distant second to Clinton with 33.2 percent of the vote.

Despite beating Sen. Sanders' endorsement for chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison, Beus stated Democrats are still ready to unite behind the party. "I say yes, we do". During the presidential primary, Sanders and his team were often pitted against the party apparatus. Perez, who served as President Obama's labor secretary, was elected as chairman of the DNC in February.

Tina Epperson, a 38-year-old from eastern Kentucky, came to Louisville Tuesday to see Sanders and said she hopes the Democratic Party will pay more attention to her part of the state from now on.

The party's tour continues this week with visits to red and purple states, including Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada and Utah. Sanders' staff organized much of the trip, down to the music.

Sanders also did well in rural areas that supported Republican candidate Ted Cruz, a US senator from Texas, in the primary and Trump in the November election.

"We have got to start paying attention to the needs back home", Sanders said. Most of the evidence suggests that the Kansas special election was more unpopular Gov. Sam Brownback than Trump, but no matter what the source the backlash will be taken out on Republican candidates by the voters. "It's not about a message".

"We're trying to revitalize American democracy and rebuild the Democratic Party, making the Democratic Party into a grassroots party in which decisions go from bottom on up and not the other way around". Given the state of the party - and the scale of the challenge that it faces - an ecumenical approach makes sense. We got to move to sustainable energy.

"Where I'm from, people live their lives far removed from the powerful elites that seem to hold their destinies in their hands", he said.

Perez and Sanders' differences were somewhat apparent in the Tuesday interview.

FILE - In this Monday, March 6, 2017, file photo, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez speaks at a protest against President Donald Trump's new travel ban order in Lafayette Square outside the White House, in Washington.

"We need to transform the Democratic Party", he told the crowd, slipping into same, familiar lines from the campaign. He said the party's strategy should include building a strong base in all 50 states, not just on both coasts.

"Health care is absolutely a right in this country, or should be", Perez said. The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

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