Trump clearly targets Tata, Infosys & CTS

Tomas Mccoy
April 20, 2017

President Trump has signed an order which will revamp the H-1B program, which is now used to employ highly skilled workers from overseas.

Also, the four federal agencies will "suggest reforms to help ensure that H-1B visas are awarded to the most-skilled or highest-paid petition beneficiaries".

"We're going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally put American first".

The Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Labor, and Secretary of Homeland Security "shall propose new rules and issue new guidance, to supersede or revise previous rules and guidance if appropriate, to protect the interests of US workers in the administration of our immigration system, including through the prevention of fraud or abuse". To the extent any changes in the program cut back on the use of the visas by India-based IT companies, it would benefit Silicon Valley giants that say they'd like to hire more employees on H-1B visas.

He said it undercuts American workers by importing legions of foreign workers who make less pay, driving down wages.

The Trump administration rolled out policy shifts earlier this month to begin cracking down on the H-1B visa system. A famous case would be Walt Disney, who replaced a large number of U.S. technology workers with foreign workers who were willing to accept lower wages.

"Right now, H1-B visas are awarded in a totally random lottery - and that's wrong", Trump said at the signing at a factory in Wisconsin.

"The idea that Donald Trump is dramatically turning his back on his "America first" policy as well as his comment that the dollar is "too strong" are hurting the USA currency", Lawler said.

In the USA, outsourcers often bring staffers into the country on work visas, train them in the tech departments of leading corporations and then rotate them back to India where pay and living costs are lower.

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Ranking Democrat on the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade, alleged that the executive order is yet another "broken promise" from Mr. Trump, who had reportedly told the American people that he would end the H-1B visa programme. He has already signed a number of executive orders since he took office, including the decision to ban travelers from some majority-Muslim nations.

As mandated by the Congress, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) every year issues 65,000 H-1B visas and another 20,000 to those applicants having masters and higher degrees from a US educational institution.

Like many of Trump's executive orders to date, the newest decree will have little practical impact, but sends a signal for the various government departments to come forward with ideas for reform.

In yesterday's White House briefing, one of the unnamed agency executives called out three of these firms, saying, "The top recipients of the H-1B visa are companies like Tata, Infosys, Cognizant". The company has used existing visa waiver laws in order to fill positions with foreign workers in Trump properties such as Mar-a-Lago and Trump Winery.

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