Narendra Modi led BJP government proposes Aadhaar like identification number for cows

Tomas Mccoy
April 25, 2017

Commenting on the Centre's decision to extend Aadhaar-like unique identification (UID) to cattle in order to check cow smuggling, the Congress on Tuesday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party playing politics over religion.

In its report, the Centre also highlighted the issue of cow protection and smuggling of cattle across India-Bangladesh border.

The Indian government on Monday proposed to the country's Supreme Court for providing a unique identification number to cows across the country, media reports have said.

The report also recommends special care for cattle beyond the age of milking and stresses on the launching of a scheme for distressed farmers. It has also recommended that state governments should be responsible for the safety and care of abandoned animals. The other important recommendation says that every district must have shelter home provision for abandoned animals with a minimum capacity of 500. "Already mass tagging of cattle for insurance objective is being done by livestock development boards and animals husbandry department of state governments".

Buoyed by the success of unique identification number for humans, the Centre has made a decision to create a similar UID for cows.

"The UID number should have age, breed, sex, lactation, height, body, color, horn type, tail switch and special marks details of the animal. Existing shelter homes lack facility and human resources", it stated.

Further, reports claim that almost one lakh technicians have been armed with 50,000 tablets. The yellow-coloured tag is fixed in the centre of the earlobe.

"...recommendations of the committee have been finalised and approved by the competent authority", the government told the court.

The ambitious project will be concluded by the end of this year and comes at a cost of Rs 148 crore.

"Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, has devised a method of tamper-proof identification of cattle using polyurethane tags with a unique identification number sequence".

After fixing tags, technicians will use tablets for updating number in online database.

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