Kevin O'Leary dropping out of Conservative leadership race

Geneva Matthews
April 30, 2017

This can not be allowed to happen.

The party says 259,010 people are eligible to vote for the next leader and the victor will be declared May 27. "This can not be allowed to happen", O'Leary said in a statement posted on his Facebook page. He had said he was waiting for some of the candidates to drop out so that the debates would be more substantive.

"I'm going to do everything I can to ensure he gets elected, and I'm going to ask my supporters to do the same".

More recent polling obtained by CBC News from Abacus Data has found that, among Canadians who might consider voting Conservative, Bernier is no more appealing than O'Leary.

I am not a politician, so I never pushed a shopping list of promises.

No one else has emerged from the back of the pack as the candidate representing the moderate, centrist wing of the party - the Red Tories, socially progressive but economically conservative.

The O'Leary campaign claims its internal numbers were even better than that. O'Leary's name will be on the ballot, and many of his supporters may still rank him as their first choice and refrain from ranking any other candidates.

The Quebec data is a different kind of issue and a big problem for me. "I'm well known to Americans in America, and I'm informed about the way they view Canada". In other words, the Liberals politically own Quebec. "Trudeau? I'm better known in the USA than he is".

Despite his efforts, O'Leary won little Conservative caucus support, leading a former Stephen Harper strategist to posit he was the worst-placed candidate to maintain party unity.

And so ... "I'm withdrawing my candidacy and throwing my full support behind (Bernier). I wish it was different", he is quoted as saying in an interview with The Globe and Mail. "We know that somewhere around 50 per cent of our support was going to go to Max Bernier on the second ballot".

This wasn't the most shocking news out of the "shark".

O'Leary is supporting Maxime Bernier but Shipley says he can't do that because Bernier is against agriculture.

Pressed about his frequent travel to the USA, O'Leary defended his sincerity in joining the race.

Trudeau won't be facing a reality-TV star in 2019.

Bev Shipley says there are still very strong candidates that he believes can lead the party and become Prime Minister next year.

"That's not right. That's just wrong".

Coates said he thinks O'Leary was still well positioned to win.

Kevin O'Leary's foray into politics lasted just over three months.

"Maxime Bernier can not win the next election", O'Toole said.

The National Post explained that O'Leary is all in for Bernier, pledging to do whatever it takes to help him.

CBC reports that he will endorse Maxime Bernier, who is also a front-runner on a small-government, less regulation, libertarian platform. Apt to drop quotes from the likes of Frederic Bastiat, and F. A. Hayek.

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