Trade order, campaign rally on Trump's 100th day

Erica Roy
May 3, 2017

"The world is getting the message: if you try to illegally enter the United States, you will be caught, detained, deported or put in prison", Trump said.

Trump's 100th-day events were set in a politically important state that he won with 48 percent of the vote.

Other trade deals allowing nations such as China, Russia and India to contribute to "the theft and plunder of American wealth" were being torn up, Trump said. Trump visited a tool manufacturing company in Harrisburg where signed two executive orders - one directing the Commerce Department and the USA trade representative to conduct a review of existing US worldwide trade and investment agreements and another creating the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing. He was then to hold a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg, the state capital.

He hosted a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, instead of attending the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, D.C. But speaking to supporters Saturday night in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the president derided the news media and accused them of "fake news".

Turns out, President Trump's reasoning has a lot more to do with consideration for others than his enemies would ever give him credit for.

Mr Trump appears to be leaning toward walking away from the agreement, describing it as "the one-sided Paris climate accord" and telling the rally the U.S. has paid billions of dollars while China, Russia and India "have contributed, and will contribute, nothing". He described the pact, meant to curb global warming, as an impediment to United States economic growth.

"It's a false standard, 100 days", Trump said while signing an executive order on Friday, "but I have to tell you, I don't think anybody has done what we've been able to do in 100 days, so we're very happy". Asked on CBS' "Face the Nation" if military action would follow a nuclear test by the North, Trump responded: "I don't know".

At the 100-day mark, polls show that President Trump's supporters during the campaign remain largely in his corner.

Trump in the meantime, true to form, did not welcome any of the criticism directed at him on the occasion of his 100 days in office, dismissing disparaging comments as "fake" news spread by mainstream media.

That hasn't stopped the president - who has both hyped and dismissed the significance of the 100-day mark - from claiming to run the most successful administration in U.S. history, a message he's expected to take to supporters in a campaign-style rally Saturday evening.

He said he was a member of the alt-right, the far-right nationalist movement that embraced Trump early and fervently. Trump will attempt to remind those who sent him to the White House that he has indeed kept his campaign-trail promises, despite evidence to the contrary.

Trump also highlighted his tough approach to immigration. "Don't even worry about it - go home, go to sleep, rest assured", he told the crowd, "we're going to build that wall", though he has not yet secured funding for it.

"Whatever the climate, whether the media is revered or reviled, we should and must persist and I believe we will".

As expected, the President also addressed some of the biggest issues he has tried to tackle during his first 100 days in office.

Only 46 per cent respondents express at least somewhat confidence in Trump's ability, while 17 per cent say not too confident and another 35 per cent express no confidence at all in Trump's ability. Thousands of marchers made their way through Washington's streets during the People's Climate March, a protest against Trump's moves to roll back environmental regulations.

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