Japan sends its biggest warship to protect USA supply vessel Carl Vinson

Robyn Ryan
May 4, 2017

"First of all, Japan, which is the US forces' logistics, launch and sorties bases, would be blanketed with radioactive clouds if a nuclear war occur on the Korean Peninsula", the Rodong Sinmun, an official daily of the North's ruling Workers' Party, said in a commentary titled "Japan's Reckless Act Which Drives Itself into Ruin".

The Japanese destroyer Izumo, a helicopter carrier, departed from Yokosuka port south of Tokyo in the morning.

The Mainichi also reported that a small group of protestors staged a demonstration outside Yokosuka Naval Base after the Izumo's departure, denouncing the deployment of the ship as a violation of Japan's defense-only policy.

On Sunday, Japanese defense minister Tomomi Inada gave orders to send the helicopter carrier Izumo to sea as an escort to protect a U.S. Navy supply ship, which is on its way to provide fuel to the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group.

The move heightened tensions between the US and Pyongyang, which threatened a nuclear strike against the USA if provoked. Besides our deep economic ties, the USA military has been tasked with helping defend the islands from outside threats - including North Korea and China.

Meanwhile, the Japanese public remains divided over whether to amend the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Pacifist Constitution, which marks its 70th anniversary on Wednesday. During the three days of the mission, there was no chance of the need to use weapons. While the subs are not as modern as Western or Japanese models, they could sink a U.S. Navy supply ship.

Visits to a government crisis management website surged to the millions in April from a previous record of tens of thousands in March, as the government tweeted and put out fresh instructions for what to do in the event of a missile attack.

"Japan has renounced war, but it seems we are gradually getting embroiled into a conflict", she said.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council US secretary of state Rex Tillerson warned North Korea must be denuclearised.

"There was also the aim of publicizing the close military ties with the United States", he said.

The mission is clearly a show of force by President Shinzo Abe, who has been keen to expand Japan's military role over the years.

The legislation has brought other changes to JSDF activities, including during United Nations peacekeeping operations.

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