US 'Needs a Good' Government Shutdown 'to Fix Mess'

Camille Rivera
May 4, 2017

Upton, former chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, described the plan to The Associated Press late Tuesday. To get the waiver, the state must have a high-risk pool or another mechanism to help such people afford a policy.

House Republican leaders frantically trying to convince moderate GOP holdouts to get behind the bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare suffered a severe setback Tuesday with Rep. Fred Upton saying he can't support it because it won't cover pre-existing conditions.

"Our Republican team had its own victory - under the radar", Trump said, calling the bill "a clear win for the American people". The two discussed "safe, or de-escalation, zones" in Syria, according to the White House.

"Now is the time", House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said to House Republicans, adding that they should be prepared to vote Wednesday or Thursday on the measure.

The White House and congressional leaders were short of votes needed for House passage.

The deal reportedly increases defense spending by $25 billion and border security budget by $1.5 billion.

Several Republicans, including Representative Brian Mast of Florida, say they're still undecided.

The Trump administration sought Tuesday to defend its budget compromise with Congress, saying it's a start to President Donald Trump's promise to build a "big, handsome wall" at the Mexican border.

So Trump was either telling them what they want to hear even though it's not true, or he is legitimately confused about what's in the bill. He was joined at his second briefing by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Democrats said Trump would shoulder the blame for any shutdown now.

President Donald Trump is touting the budget deal forged to fund the government through September, declaring: "This is what winning looks like".

Democrats and many Republicans have argued that a wall is an ineffective and wasteful way of securing the southern border. He also cited $1.5 billion in emergency money for border security. Hours earlier, he said he was opposing the bill because it weakened insurance protections President Barack Obama's health care overhaul provides people with pre-existing illnesses.

Approval of the spending bill to fund the government through September will spare Trump a harmful government shutdown.

Another Florida Republican, Thomas Rooney, said confusion over the potential loss of coverage for pre-existing conditions had his constituents scared that "they're going to die because of a vote that we might be taking".

Asked how the president would define a "good shutdown," Mulvaney suggested "it would be one that fixes this town".

Mulvaney say that he's "not anxious about September" right now. The other blocks insurers from charging different rates to healthy and sick customers.

Ryan tried to boost the pressure on Republican moderates to advance the bill. Mr. Obama held the military hostage to his domestic agenda, and some Democrats wanted this damaging parity to continue as a price of their votes in the Senate. "We don't have the votes but we're nearly there".

If a plan passes the House, it is expected to face a tough fight in the Senate, where Republicans have a narrower majority and where some party senators have expressed misgivings about the House bill.

Trump planned to discuss the health care bill with four key House members, including Reps. "We. either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%", Trump tweeted.

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