Mexico Concerned Over Texas' New Tough Immigration Law

Camille Rivera
May 10, 2017

Saenz said the law alienates half of the state's population and undermines voters' rights. "We're going to put an end to it, and that's why we passed Senate Bill Four", Patrick said.

Richard Santiesteban works at the Dallas Police Department and is first Vice-President of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization.

"We just don't have the manpower or the resources to execute a plan like that". "We all support legal immigration".

Greg Abbott signed some of the strongest anti-sanctuary city legislation in the nation into law Sunday.

According to CNN, the bill created criminal and civil penalties for government entities and law enforcement that don't cooperate with immigration laws and detention requests, which reportedly includes a fine of about $25,000 for each day the new law is violated. "Austin didn't seem to want to listen to its law enforcement leaders across the state".

"This law does not keep our community safe; in fact, it goes against public safety", Hernandez said. "Citizens expect law enforcement officers to enforce the law, and citizens deserve for law breakers to face legal consequences".

Texas Senator Ted Cruz praised the new state law on Monday.

Abbott designated the ban as an emergency item in January and signed the bill four days after both chambers of the state legislature gave their final approval.

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn told CBS11 his jailers will continue to check inmates' immigration status.

Critics said this could be used for unconstitutional racial profiling, while supporters have said immigrants who do not break the law have nothing to fear.

Jose Santoyo came to the a child when his parents crossed the border illegally. The law resulted in a six-year legal battle eventually resolved in 2016, and hit the state with costs of boycotts and lost business. "So from that perspective, I think it's exactly what the people of Texas wanted and the think the politicians responded to that", Waybourn said. "It looked like a lot of political theater".

MCGLINCHY: Roughly two dozen members of immigrants' rights groups gathered outside the gates of the governor's mansion Monday.

"ICE's use of detainers to imprison people without due process and, in many cases, without any charges pending or probable cause of any violation has raised serious constitutional concerns", the ACLU's website says. "These people are wrong, and it's the cost to the victims is what counts to me, not some costs to them [local officials]". "Until we defeat it, everyone traveling in or to Texas needs to be aware of what's in store for them".

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