Pak relationship like a 'critically ill patient': Rice

Geneva Matthews
May 10, 2017

Monday on Fox News Channel's "FOX & Friends" President George W Bush former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said tearing down monuments and statues to historical figures who owned slaves is "sanitizing history".

Rice, who has been making the rounds on cable news to promote her new book, said Tuesday that the Trump administration is putting pressure on the Chinese to help combat North Korean's nuclear ambitions.

Whoopi Goldberg asked Rice to comment on attempts from members of former President Obama's administration to warn Trump about hiring Michael Flynn.

She described USA institutions as "very strong" and said Trump "may have even found himself a bit surprised by how constraining that scaffolding really is".

"We forget in the United States how long it has taken us to make "We the People" mean people like me".

"I never thought I'd hear you say that, so thank you very, very much", Rice replied.

The former secretary of state also criticized Flynn's conversations about sanctions with the Russian ambassador, which took place before President Trump was inaugurated. "This is about punishment of Americans, who he believes have questioned his legitimacy as President of Russian Federation". Right now, they seem more anxious about the potential collapse of the regime and doing hard things to the regime than about a nuclear North Korea.

"The president still has a kind of transactional view of worldwide politics but, in fact, interests are more enduring than transactions", Rice said.

China, the North's main trading partner and the closest thing it has to an ally, has historically been unwilling to tighten the economic screws on Pyongyang for fear of triggering a collapse and sending millions of refugees across the border. "I do think that there was great animosity toward Secretary Clinton", she said, "but they've been interfering and trying to interfere for many, many, many years in our elections - this is just a particularly effective way to do it".

Rice also revealed that Putin has been trying to interfere with American elections for a long time but cyber allows him to do it easier and quicker.

"Kim Jong Un is far more reckless than his father".

"I think they are trying to incentivize the Chinese to change their view of this".

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