Teen's plea for free Wendy's nuggets sets retweet record

Camille Rivera
May 10, 2017

In April, 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson from Nevada asked Wendy's how many tweets he would need to get free chicken nuggets from the company for a year. Which, of course, is not even in the neighbourhood of the 18 million he was tasked with rounding up.

'Consider it done, ' the undaunted high school student had replied. "A man needs his nuggs". But with 3.4m retweets, today it knocked Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscars selfie off the top spot as the most retweeted tweet of all time.

United even offered to fly Carter to any Wendy's around the world if he hit 18 million while Hunt promised to take him for ice cream.

Carter told Wendy's to "consider it done" and the race for a viral post was off. That's good for the nuggets, and $100k to @DTFA. Twitter confirmed the record on Tuesday, tweeting that it would supply Wilkerson with nuggets for a year and make a $100,000 donation in his name to the Dave Thomas Foundation, created by the founder of Wendy's to help children find foster homes.

Last month, you couldn't open Twitter without someone in your feed retweeting Carter's dream into your line of sight.

Well, now Carter has topped Ellen's tweet with over 3.45 million retweets!

Late last month, Ellen had Carter on her show to talk about his internet notoriety, the campaign, and to warn him not to get too close to her record-setting Oscars selfie.

Naturally, all this attention was good enough for the people at Wendy's, who blessed the upstart Twitter celebrity with a year's worth of free chicken nuggets. That and just about every brand in the world had his back, including Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

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