Microsoft Releases New Android App For Azure Customers

Kristi Paul
May 13, 2017

Indexing is automatic. You can also use JavaScript stored procedures. And to drive home Microsoft's position in large enterprises, Nadella stated that 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use the company's cloud services.

To that end, Microsoft is helping developers build systems with serverless computing and event-driven programming using its Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps technology. Meanwhile, Microsoft is hoping to snag some former Oracle and SQL Server customers, with new database migration tools. And yes, Microsoft is working on a UWP Azure app for Windows 10 devices.

"While most database services force you to choose between strong or eventual consistency, Azure Cosmos DB is the only globally distributed database service which offers five well-defined, intuitive consistency choices - so you can select just the right one for your app".

Microsoft is adding new intelligence capabilities to Azure, its cloud platform for enterprise customers.

GE said it remains a partner to, not a competitor with, Microsoft in the Industrial IoT market, a GE spokesperson told CRN.

If you were a retailer, for example, and there was a surge in a particular part of the world on Black Friday, the admin could switch on a nearby Azure data center to cover the increased traffic. In short, you can launch an application or service almost instantly with global support with extremely low latency in almost any region of the world.

Windows 10 grew by 24% since Microsoft ended the free upgrade offer past year, but the staying power of Windows 7 - that edition still powered more than half of all Windows PCs in April - hinted that enterprises have yet to migrate to the newer OS in large numbers.

Moreover, "Microsoft is also continuing to enhance its existing DevOps solutions and frameworks", he said.

Nadella has previously spoken of the company's vision as cloud first, mobile first, but this is now changing with new IoT workloads. These new database services have been created to help big companies and developers to take their third-party and SQL Server databases and move them to Microsoft Azure SQL Database service.

But Net Applications' tallies include only personal computers, while Microsoft's count also covers Xbox consoles, tablets and a small number of Windows-powered smartphones. Microsoft's online Office 365 service has some 100 million commercial users monthly, while Cortana digital assistant is used by 140 people monthly, according to the company.

If you are curious about how Microsoft was able to launch this product, not in preview and already available globally, the product started out as Documents DB.

At first glance, Microsoft's new Cosmos DB Azure database seems like a rebadged successor to Azure's planet-scale NoSQL offering, DocumentDB.

In addition to the newly introduced Azure Cosmos DB, the software giant has also introduced Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL at this week's Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. And Visual Studio Team Services integration allows for continuous integration and deployment of these containerized applications. Each user will have persistent file storage in their Cloud Shell, hosted in Microsoft Azure.

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