O'Reilly speaks out, anti-Fox News activist efforts continue

Camille Rivera
May 13, 2017

The cable news king was dismissed from his 21-year perch at the network.

In an interview on Glenn Beck's radio show, O'Reilly said his firing came about because of a left-wing cabal intent on "destroying voices (they don't) like".

While pundit Kirsten Powers says that O'Reilly once joked about her blonde hair, neither she nor anyone else ever sued him over such comments. He said the group "terrorizes" sponsors, "threatens people behinds the scenes" and "pays people to say things".

After O'Reilly told Beck he "couldn't get specific", because "there's a lot of legality here", suggesting that lawsuit might be forthcoming, Beck asked if he'd "come on" and explain what he meant, or if it would "be explained in other venues".

Prior to Beck's 2011 departure from Fox News, the duo appeared before sold-out crowds across the country in O'Reilly's "The Spin Stops Here" tours. But I'm not going to say anything more than that", "O'Reilly said. "When I was at Fox News, as you'll remember, I did "George Soros the puppet master, ' because we had received what we felt was a serious threat to life from one of George Soros" intimate surogates". He also claimed that he tried to protect his family, although it's not clear whether he's referring to settlements at that point or something else.

"My attorneys told me, and we were all shocked".

"They hate him, by extension anybody who gives Trump a fair play, anybody, is going to be attacked as well ..."

O'Reilly also laced into the "vicious and evil" media which he said was not interested in portraying the news accurately. "They run the company and they own the company", he said.

"People know that the left wing media hates Fox and hates me ... but they don't know the extent of it..."

He said he and his legal team would soon be naming names of those they believe are behind a plot to get him fired.

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