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Geneva Matthews
May 15, 2017

If the students had their say, the NDP would have formed government with 60 seats, the Green Party would have been the official opposition with 14 seats and the Liberals would have won just 12 seats.

Even after the final results are announced May 24, tight finishes could trigger judicial recounts.

Looking at seats the NDP picked up where the Green vote - if it went entirely Liberal - could have turned the race, the NDP gained in all but two, Burnaby North and Courtenay-Comox.

Many Green supporters and voters who found they had simply returned the BC Liberals to power would feel betrayed.

However the final vote count will not be completed tonight.

Still, Weaver does not appear to like the New Democrats' leader, John Horgan.

"I think British Columbians heard the message about how important it is that we fight for jobs, especially in the face of rising USA protectionism in the United States and that we keep taxes low, stay competitive, leave more money in people's pockets and that we keep up the good work that we've been doing for four years", she said.

Peter Fassbender, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and the Minister Responsible for TransLink, has lost his seat, as has Suzanne Anton, the Minister of Justice.

Asked several times Wednesday if she accepts personal responsibility for the Liberals' showing, Clark avoided a direct answer. "So it is my intention to continue to lead British Columbia", Clark told supporters in Vancouver.

"We worked really hard to get to "Yes" on those (pipeline) approvals and we're still going to use our climate leadership plan as the guide to getting those pipelines", said McCuaig-Boyd.

The premier's office said Lt. -Gov.

Speaking in Toronto Wednesday, Alberta Premier Rachel Notely jokingly thanked the voters of British Columbia for making Tuesday's election "interesting" and precluding her from congratulating a victor at this point.

However, the Greens' and New Democrats' stance on electoral reform may be a deal breaker with the Liberals, Harrison said. Lots of advance ballots must still be counted.

The NDP did better than expected in greater Vancouver, which has historically been the linchpin for the Liberals, but it has also given away some of its own seats to Christy Clark's party, jeopardizing its chances of securing a majority. He's already discussing his bargaining chips.

The NDP accused the Liberals of dragging their feet on political fundraising by failing to back bills in the legislature that would have banned donations from the corporate and labour sectors.

Clark said she has had a good working relationship with Green Leader Andrew Weaver.

Horgan said the NDP and the Green Pary share many concerns and that his focus is on issues such as childcare, healthcare, education and housing. We'd like to hear from you about this or any other stories you think we should know about.

BC Liberal canadidate Stephen Roberts said, "obviously there's been a bit of a wind change in the air here ..."

Looking forward, Angolano said all three parties need to face how to cross that urban-rural divide in the next election to form a majority government.

"It's entirely possible, first of all, that it won't be a minority government", he said.

That's why all three party leaders delivered victory speeches.

The Liberals will now form the Western Canadian province's first minority government in 65 years, and uncertainty over whether the parties will form coalitions left the future of big oil and gas projects in the region unclear. The NDP had only a marginal 0.14 per cent bump in popular support to 39.85 per cent.

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