'Dr Phil' to air second interview with Aaron Hernandez's fiancee

Taylor Byrd
May 16, 2017

"I don't think this was a suicide", Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez said in an interview that aired today on the "Dr. Phil" show. "He definitely was emotional and we had talks about encouragement".

Jenkins-Hernandez's exclusive two-part interview on Dr. Phil airs continues on May 16. I've said it over and over.

Hernandez hanged himself in a MA prison on April 19, leaving behind a slew of unanswered questions.

Days prior to his death, Hernandez was found not guilty of a 2012 double homicide. Their chats prior to his death struck an encouraging tone.

She said he never talked to her about suicide.

Watch her speak about Avielle below. She'd just spoken to him the night before he hung himself.

"I wanted him home more than anyone, I would have stopped it. They're shutting the doors.' I honestly don't think we said, 'I love you" to each other. She also says that she "wants answers". "I don't believe what is said to be out there is actually accurate".

"It's just not the Aaron that I know".

When asked if she should serve as the trustee of the estate, she nods her head, "As her mother, absolutely,"Jenkins-Hernandez says". "I don't think that things were done properly". "I did see that it was addressed to "Shay" instead of "babe" or 'bae, ' the way he would refer [to me]". It was also unusual that he didn't sign it "soulmate".

She also said that while the note left behind by Hernandez for her was a "note of love", it was not personal or intimate.

It remains unclear whether Jenkins-Hernandez will receive a National Football League pension or other funds due to ongoing wrongful-death litigation.

"[It] was similar, but I feel like, again, you have nothing but time in there so I feel like it's easily duplicated or could be", the mom of Hernandez's only daughter said.

But she added there were indirect clues of Hernandez's dire intentions. "It was a normal conversation, which makes me doubt so many things". I would've stopped it.

"It seemed well thought out; in a sense none of it is very believable to me".

Jenkins-Hernandez indicated that she and her daughter tried to visit Hernandez with their daughter at least once a week. He never let the fame or multimillion-dollar contract change him, she said.

She said the two people redacted in the public version of the letter who Hernandez asked her to "look after" are his brother and his godson.

"Everyone has their own choice in friends". I invited everyone into the home that he brought there.

In the days before his death, Jenkins-Hernandez said the tough tight-end seemed upbeat and looking forward to clearing his name. "She was very much a daddy's girl".

"That's not the Aaron I know", she said.

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