Google, HTC and Lenovo Join Forces To Create Standalone Daydream VR Headsets

Kristi Paul
May 20, 2017

Meanwhile, HTC and Lenovo have both announced they'll be working with Google to produce a number of phone-less dedicated VR headsets.

These standalone headsets will aim to utilize the convenience afforded by portable smartphone VR without the current constrictions holding back consumers like lack of physical space or incompatible software specs.

"More information on Vive's standalone VR headset will be made available soon, but rest assured it will be simple, easy-to-use and with no cables to connect".

Google has confirmed rumours that it is working on a standalone virtual reality headset based around its Daydream platform, and that it has signed Lenovo and HTC up as partners to bring it to market.

With this new integration, you'll have the whole Chrome experience at your virtual fingertips in your VR world, just as you would on your phone or PC.

The most exciting announcement concerns the VR headset, as Google plans to launch standalone devices that don't even require a smartphone to further improve the user's VR experience. HTC now sells its own VR headset, the Vive, which requires a powerful computer to operate. The system uses "a handful of sensors" in the device itself, rather than requiring externals cameras or setup, to make sure "your view in the virtual world matches that in the real world. you feel like you're really there".

According to Bavor, the unnamed Daydream headset has been developed in partnership with Qualcomm and is potentially based on the company's previously announced Snapdragon-powered design.

Meanwhile, Google will also take the wraps off from the latest Android version, known as Android O. The latest Android update is already touted to be the next big version.

Google didn't provide many details of what the actual finished product will look like, other than showing a very minimalist sketch. By building an all-in-one device, Google has configured the headset's underlying technology to exclusively focus on helping it display compelling virtual reality environments without any trade-offs, he explained.

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