IPhone 8: Why you'll hate the new OLED screen

Kristi Paul
May 22, 2017

Apple are also launching a new iPhone 8 to celebrate 10 years of the iPhone, this handset will come with an OLED display and it is rumored to possibly feature a 5.8 inch display. Samsung has been using OLED panels on the flagship Galaxy series for years, so there's plenty of pressure on Apple to make the switch.

It's worth noting that the Digitimes report corroborates a previous report claiming that Apple's iPhone 8 will easily be the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever released, by a wide margin at that. Fortunately, recent reports have emerged stating that no delays would happen with regards to the iPhone 8's release date.

This isn't the first time that we have heard this so it may be wise to take the announcement with a pinch of salt but the latest leak was exclusively revealed by technology blog BGR.

Apple is tipped to be plotting major hardware upgrades for the model. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 in September alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Although not yet confirmed, this feature could be revolutionary for Apple, but it will also be costly. The molds don't shed light on where the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is going to sit. Due to Apple not commenting on unreleased products, we will have to wait until the iPhone's expected launch in September to know for sure. The company doesn't like change for the sake of it after all. The iPhone 8 is reportedly the most expensive iPhone to build.

If true, you can see that it will be distinctly smaller than the iPhone 7s Plus, said to have a similar 5.5-inch display to the current 7 Plus.

The authenticity of the pictures, of course, to check while it is impossible, but the design of the blanks is exactly the same the appearance of prototypes of the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus, whose photographs, drawings and even renderings previously been shown to all Internet users. The smartphone will focus on VR and improved camera performance, which will require more functionality in landscape mode. The three iPhones have been put side by side, showing all the differences between the three. All three variants are rumored to feature wireless charging, but some suggest the iPhone 8 could go on sale later than its two siblings and, by extension, sport a much higher price tag. Interesting times for all.

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