Big game hunting guide crushed to death by elephant

Camille Rivera
May 23, 2017

51-year-old Theunis Botha, who ran his own safari hunting company, was leading a hunt in Zimbabwe when his group happened upon a herd of breeding elephants.

A professional big game hunter was reportedly crushed by an elephant while hunting in Zimbabwe. It comes just weeks after his missing friend was found to have been eaten by crocodiles.

A fourth stormed at the group from the side, lifting Botha up with its trunk.

Botha's hunting company specialised in using packs of highly trained, fearless dogs to drive lions, leopards, boar and deer into the path of high paying guests. In addition to videos profiling the hounds Botha used for his hunts, his website is also filled with photos of clients posing next to dead animals ranging from lions to antelope to enormous elephants.

Well, we have another hunter-related death, as a South African hunter was crushed to death by an elephant after the elephant was shot.

Botha leaves behind a wife, Carika, and five children.

Theunis Botha Big Game Safaris has been operating since 1983, according to its website.

Theunis Botha, a figure known in the world of hunters and African safaris, died last Friday in Zimbabwe during an elephant hunt.

Mr Van Zyl was killed on the banks of the Limpopo river in Zimbabwe in what was the latest in a series of fatal crocodile attacks in the country.

One person wrote: "You should be crying for the innocent elephant that was senselessly murdered not this idiot hunter who deserved what he got". Photos on the page show them grinning and standing over their kills.

Watch a video of Botha from previous hunts below. Another shows him wearing a green shirt, shorts and a baseball cap, and posing over a dead elephant.

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