Ferguson's 26-year Man Utd reign unmatchable - Wenger

Taylor Byrd
May 25, 2017

Arsenal have been delivered a huge injury setback ahead of the FA Cup final against Chelsea on Saturday. They ended up with 75 points, dooming them to the 2017-18 Europa League.

Arsenal finished outside the Premier League's top four for the first time under Wenger, but now have the chance to secure a third FA Cup win in four years.

Ferguson has now had his say on Mourinho's first season in charge of the Red Devils, and while he has been impressed with the manager's development, he noted that the high number of draws the team played to hindered his former side this.

Wenger's future has been much discussed in recent months as his contract ends its final month before the 67-year-old becomes a free agent.

Brady also pointed to the added level of competition in the Premier League, citing the development of Manchester City and Chelsea into credible contenders for the title, as a factor supporters need to consider.

"As a club, with the way the season's panned out, it's not a [league] position we want to be in at all", Welbeck told Arsenal Player on Tuesday.

Wenger continued: "It just shows you how unpredictable football can be because we played at home when your mind is on attacking and we lost two centre-backs. He avoids surgery", Wenger said.

"Gabriel is out for six to eight weeks", he said.

"It will not be my last match because whatever happens I will stay in football".

"But knowing the player, his character and his commitment to the club, which I don't question at all, he will do absolutely everything to be fit on Saturday".

Injuries often prove costly to Arsenal given how many they seem to gather each season, and as they aim to salvage their season with glory in the FA Cup, this is a significant setback. Why [should it]? I don't care about me, I care about us winning the game on Saturday.

He added: "It is annoying but we had a spell during the season that was hard and it was hard for me in my personal situation. So it depends a little bit on the system I will go for, the system I will choose". I guided this club for years with very limited resources, I had to always sell our best players. No, what I want is to win the next game.

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