Anti-Sharia event, counter-protest held in Harrisburg

Camille Rivera
June 13, 2017

Demonstrations against Islamic law led to arrests, tense confrontations and physical fights in some USA cities Saturday amid several rallies sponsored by ACT for America, which the Southern Poverty Law Center designates as an anti-Muslim hate group.

More than a dozen states have passed, or are trying to pass, laws to curb the possibility of Sharia law making its way onto the books in the U.S. The story by Abigail Hauslohner and Justin Moyer began: "Anti-Muslim activists hoisted American flags and delivered fiery speeches in rallies across the country Saturday, facing off against crowds of counter-protesters in several cities and exposing the visceral rage that has come to define America's political extremes". A heavy police presence kept the two factions separate for most of the day, though a few small fights did break out in the margins of the park. "There's no tolerance for that", Jones said of Sharia law.

Anti-sharia protesters scuffle with counter demonstrators and members of the Minnesota State Patrol at the state capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S. June 10, 2017.

The group protesting the "March Against Sharia" was often more vocal than the march itself, shouting things like "No Trump, No KKK, no fascist U.S.".

In Syracuse, N.Y., "March Against Sharia" organizer Lisa Joseph told North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann that she put the rally together because she and others are "against female genital mutilation, honor killings, throwing gays off of buildings, stoning people to death".

The group organizing this march and others across the country, ACT for America, say that Sharia law is "incompatible with Western democracy". He said that Sharia law allows homosexuals to be killed and oppresses women as well as men.

He said the group was not anti-Muslim.

At a park near NY courthouse, counter-protesters sounded air-horns and banged pots and pans in an effort to silence an anti-Shariah rally. The counter-protesters shouted, "Nazis!" Williams also posed for pictures with a militia group and called on attendees to "unite against Shariah law", the SPLC said.

After about half an hour, the protesters seemed to lose interest and most left without incident.

Another participant says opponents of Islam are mistaking the Islamic penal code as the voice of the religion.

Shariah is the Islamic religious law derived from the Quran and the traditions of the prophet Mohammed. They gathered downtown in front of the Sedgwick County courthouse to protest Sharia law - a group of principles that govern the moral and religious lives of Muslims. Some have blamed Trump's harsh rhetoric on Islam for the uptick in anti-Muslim activity, arguing that the president has normalized such behavior. Giant letters spelling out "Trump" loomed on the high-rise over the more than 100 protesters.

Hundreds of people marched through downtown Seattle, banging drums, cymbals and cowbells behind a large sign saying "Seattle stands with our Muslim neighbors". Just across the street, a larger and more vocal group of around 75 people chanted at them, "Racists out!"

But it was noisy, with groups chanting, yelling and waving American flags and posters proclaiming various causes.

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