Despite Clinton impeachment vote, Gingrich says President 'cannot obstruct justice'

Taylor Byrd
June 18, 2017

Last month, Gingrich praised Mueller's appointment, noting that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director had an "impeccable" reputation for "honesty and integrity".

So, the fantasy that didn't occur is now being replaced by - by the way, technically, the president of the United States can not obstruct justice. "Mueller is an independent counsel, well-respected man, doing a good job". "The president of the United States is the chief executive officer of the United States".

"The brazen redefinition of Mueller's task tells you how arrogant the deep state is and how confident it is it can get away with anything", he said in a third tweet.

Gingrich now says that unlike Clinton, Trump is the subject of a 'witch hunt'.

"They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story", he wrote. While he repeatedly said it wasn't his place to say whether Trump's actions amounted to an obstruction of justice - an impeachable offense - he said he's "sure" that Mueller would investigate if they did.

Following Comey's testimony last week, when he alluded to the Mueller investigation that already likely included a probe into obstruction of justice, a number of Trump's top conservative boosters began pointing out flaws they saw in Mueller and his investigation. Look, I've talked to college students regularly who say to me if they openly are for Trump, they get threatened. For Newt's third, more visibly desperate, act, the one-time leader of the Republican party's new strategy appears to be saying outlandish, often incoherent things diametrically opposed to what he's said previously in an effort to support Donald Trump. "The American people have the right to expect that the rule of law will prevail, that no one is above the law", Gingrich said on the House floor the same year.

'His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity, ' Gingrich tweeted on May 17.

Gingrich has been one of Trump's most vocal supporters.

Trump could be looking at an obstruction of justice charge in the future.


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