Saudi, most Gulf Arabs start Eid al-Fitr on Sunday

Tomas Mccoy
June 25, 2017

Therefore they will look for the Eid al Fitr 2017 moon on Sunday July 25, 2017 corresponding to 29th day of Ramadan in these countreis, and Eid here will be celebrated either on July 26 or July 27. Prophet Muhammad is said to have received the first revelation of the Holy Quran during this month.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates have announced an end to this year's Ramadan Fast, according to Aljazeera.

Eid marks the start of Shawwal, which begins with a feast to end the period of fasting. Many Muslims also recite the takbir (declaration of faith) on the way to the prayer ground and take part in Zakat al-Fitr (charitable contributions).

EVERY year millions of Muslims around the United Kingdom and the world celebrate Eid. The day brings people together as the festival celebrates togetherness and encourages fellowship. The June 26 dinner will not only be open to students and non-students and Muslims and non-Muslims, it will also emphasize interculturalism, with speeches, presentations and videos from Muslims from all over the world.

On the day, Muslims wake up early to shower and dress in their Eid best, and to arrange a spread of sweet treats for any guests who might stop in later.

It is hard to predict when Eid -al-Fitr will take place, because the timing of it is based on the Islamic lunar Calendar.

"We've seen an unprecedented spike in anti-Muslim rhetoric and anti-Muslim sentiments since the November election, but I think that goes hand-in-hand with the spike in hate targeting all minority groups, not just American Muslims", he said.

Regardless, Eid al-Fitr is a celebration and a chance to spend time with family and friends.

So Eid dates differ around the world, though they are usually within one or two days of each other.

For the first time in past several years both the Muslim communities celebrated Eid on the same day in Iraq in 2016. Gifts are exchanged, and Muslims convene at mosques to carry out Eid Prayer.

It begins with a greeting: either "Eid Mubarak", or "Blessed Eid".

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