Blood donor day activities postponed

Robyn Ryan
June 26, 2017

On June 14, World Blood Donor Day, people in Ottawa can learn their blood type alongside Members of Parliament and employees of various partner groups at an outdoor, blood typing event Canadian Blood Services is hosting on Parliament Hill.

World Blood Donor Day was Wednesday and it is a day to celebrate those who donate blood. It seeks to promote the inclusion of blood transfusion services in national emergency preparedness and response activities. "We are now short by nearly 80 % and we need to recover fast", she said. He said the donated blood could be used on any patient that is in critical need of it, especially accident victims.

"Each blood donation saves three lives but only one in 30 Australians give blood so it's also a chance for us to reach out to anyone who has thought about donating blood but has never done so to roll up their sleeves and get started!"

Samuel Nosayaba a middle aged man said donating blood to him means saving lives and helping those in serious Medical condition and in need of blood.

He added that flooding the blood bank during emergencies tends to have a chaotic effect.

He also encouraged the service to highlight the positive aspect of blood donation in order to attract more voluntary donors.

The report also presents data on the profile of donors. Despite this, only 4% of all blood donors in India are women.

Simply put, without adequate blood supplies, people would die.

Along with sales of food items, jumble sales and other items, the fund of which shall exclusively be used for the needy people alone, there will also be an interactive session where queries on Blood related issues will be discussed as well as potential blood donors / willing blood donors can get registered in NOBD for future reference, a press release from the group informed on Tuesday.

June 14 marks World Blood Donor Day in many countries, in connection with that a number of events are organized. This year the theme of campaign is - What can you do?

For Ambaga Rashid, he donates blood to help those who do not have enough blood in the body. "Donate often", PAHO said.

There is nothing related to gender when it comes to blood donation; the only thing that matters is haemoglobin level.

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