Spider-Man Grabs Coffee, Pranks Starbucks Customers In NYC

Camille Rivera
June 28, 2017

Spider-Man gets his own standalone film in Spider-Man: Homecoming, where he will be wearing the same suit from Captain America: Civil War.

We're still a week away from the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but Marvel and Sony are already starting to think about the Phase Four-launching Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, and it seems that director Jon Watts is already locked in for the 2019 sequel. Tom Holland reprises his role from that movie and early word is good (we'll find out in our review screening of the film later this week).

But Pascal has previously suggested the deal is poised to come to an end before the proposed third "Spider-Man" movie, meaning a new agreement needs to be reached.

Tom adds that Marvel President Kevin Feige is equally interested in exploring that aspect of Spider-Man's past, though Holland is quick to add that there are now no plans to run with that back story. I can confirm that as of today.

You never see the kid's face, but since this scene takes place in Queens where Peter Park lives and the ages actually line up, fans have always believed it to be a young Spider-Man.

"I mean, I remember watching that with Kevin Feige and everyone and being like, 'Does the math work on that?' He was like, 'It might, maybe.' Then I found out that was Jon Favreau's kid".

"In the meantime, I think Miles is a big part of the animated movie that Sony's making", Feige said.

"It is Peter Parker", said Holland. A blink-or-you'll-miss-it moment occurred when Iron Man blasts down a busy street. "And then, what we do is we go in and then just sort of clean it up".

The movie studio partnered with Thinkmodo to prank unsuspecting Starbucks customers, who were rattled when the web-slinger casually swung in from the ceiling to pick up his order.

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