Drone dropped "tools" enabling inmate to escape, prison officials say

Geneva Matthews
July 9, 2017

Officers with the Department of Corrections began their search for convicted kidnapper Jimmy Causey around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday after he escaped from Lieber Correctional Institution, WIS reports. Authorities said they believe Causey was able to break out of the facility by using wire cutters that were apparently flown in on a drone.

No stranger to re-enacting Tim Robbins' finest moments on screen, Causey used a similar decoy to avoid detection as he escaped from prison once before by hiding in a dumpster in 2005.

Texas Rangers acting on a tip apprehended Causey at around 3am after he was found sleeping in a motel room in the Austin suburb of Cedar Park, located some 1,200 miles away from the SC prison near Charleston. He was arrested around 3am at an Austin motel, where he was sleeping after the authorities received a tip. The escapee did not put up any resistance. Causey's disappearance has people on edge just weeks after two inmates in neighboring Georgia killed their guards on a prison bus and escaped for two days before being caught in Tennessee.

Causey had been in solitary confinement at the prison in Dorchester County, but had been moved to a general population wing that is overseen by two corrections officers, Stirling said.

A SC prison inmate has been captured - for a second time - after an elaborate jail break.

"As long as they have access to cellphones this is going to happen again and again and again", he said during a press conference this morning. "We also potentially believe that a drone was used to help him get the contraband in to escape", Stirling explained.

It's not the first time drones were deployed in a bid to assist escapes or to drop drugs, porn, and cigarettes to inmates. "I know there's been some questions about how escaped, he used wire cutters to cut through fences".

"Now they're going to fly over the nets", he said. Mr. Causey was serving a life sentence for kidnapping a lawyer.

This was Causey's second escape from a state prison. The inmate also placed a papier-mâché dummy in his bed, which gave him an 18-hour window to flee, according to WLTX. The inmate was on the run for three days in 2005 after he escaped with another inmate. The pair shed their prison clothes and got a ride to the Leesburg Road exit on Interstate 77.

Causey's latest escape will add to a criminal record that is almost eight pages long and goes back to just after he turned 19, according SLED records.

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