Man trapped behind ATM writes for help through receipt slot

Geneva Matthews
July 15, 2017

Can you imagine being trapped inside an ATM? In case you wondering if this is true, it absolutely is!

After completing transactions, customers were shocked to find alarming handwritten notes popping out of the receipt slot.

People withdrawing cash though it was a prank, but one called police who heard a faint voice from inside the machine. "Please call my boss at 210-***-****", telly station KZTV reported earlier this week.

The unnamed contractor was working inside a Bank of America vault in the city of Corpus Christi when he became trapped.

Several passers-by took it as a joke until one customer eventually realised what was going on, and the police and the contractor's supervisor arrived.

Police freed the man, but since there was no crime committed, details and records are slim, Hooper said.

Even the authorities doubted the authenticity of the note but they went to the area to check the situation and true enough, there was a voice coming from inside the #Atm Machine.

Officer Olden confirmed that the door did not have a door knob and that a device was really needed to unlock the door from the inside - in this case, the man's swipe card.

Police said a number of other ATM users ignored the notes thinking it was a joke.

"He leaves his phone in his truck, he's installing a new lock on the door, and he gets locked inside the building where the ATM is", said Officer Olden. "It's got to be a joke", said Olden. Well, at least it wasn't for the engineer who was genuinely trapped for two hours.

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