Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo Has Died

Geneva Matthews
July 15, 2017

Subjected to criticism from various quarters, China today said that awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to "dissident" and pro-democracy activist Liu Xiaobo amounted to "blasphemy" and it alleged that several countries, including the United States, has been making "irresponsible statements" on his death.Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said,"Conferring the prize to such a person goes against the purposes of this award". He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 while serving his fourth and final prison sentence, for inciting subversion by advocating sweeping political reforms and greater human rights in China.

The Chinese foreign ministry said Liu Xia would be treated in accordance with the law. "The handling of Liu Xiaobo's case belongs to China's internal affairs, and foreign countries are in no position to make improper remarks", he said. In apparent protest of the award, a group of Chinese business and cultural leaders established an alternative to the Nobel, the Confucius Peace Prize, and later honoured such human rights renegades as Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe.

The Nobel-winning writer and human rights activist died of liver cancer Thursday evening while in custody at a hospital in Shenyang in northeastern China.

On July 13, Liu Xiaobo, China's most outspoken dissident, died of liver cancer after receiving medical parole from a jail sentence awarded in 2008.

Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times said in an English editorial that Mr Liu was "a victim led astray" by the West.

His message was spelled out in Charter 08, a petition that pointed out the failings of China's Communist Party and argued that only democracy could fix the damage caused by its authoritarian rule.

"Terribly sad that this champion of human rights has died", Freeland tweeted from her personal Twitter account Thursday morning. She is said to be suffering from depression following long years of isolation.

Prominent Chinese dissidents
Prominent Chinese dissidents

A drawing of Liu and his wife.

In the wake of his death, China's government-influenced social media platforms have banned searches for his name, "Nobel", the word "candle", as well as "I have no enemies" - an essay Liu had prepared for his trial in 2009, that he wasn't allowed to read.

Only days after the publication of Charter 08, Liu, as the main initiator, was arrested.

Amnesty International Norway's general secretary John Peder Egenæs at a memorial set up for Liu Xiaobo at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo. Liu was one of his country's best-known dissidents and became the only Chinese national to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

"No government should let the death of Liu Xiaobo pass without challenging Beijing's mistreatment of this critical voice for human rights, calling for Liu Xia's freedom, and pressing for the release of all those wrongfully detained across China", HRW China director Sophie Richardson said in a statement. But whereas Xi vaguely defined this dream as working toward a stronger Communist Party-controlled country, she defined it as the kind of democratic China that Liu had strived for. "She is a fragile woman, I fear she might have been driven mad", said a close friend who refused to be named because she was visited by security agent yesterday.

RSF accuses firstly Hu Jintao, who was president when Liu Xiaobo was arrested and tried, and his successor, the current president, Xi Jinping, a predator of press freedom. Some critics warned that the treatment of Mr. Liu has marred China's global reputation and tarnished the legacy of President Xi Jinping, who has taken a hard line against dissidents.

The official Chinese media have not reported Liu's death, according the Beijing correspondent of the SRF public radio.

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