Google Glass reappears with new Enterprise Edition

Tomas Mccoy
July 20, 2017

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition can be customized for the workers. The battery life is also more in the new edition.

According to Google's page on the new product, "Glass intuitively fits into your workflow and helps you remain engaged and focused on high value work by removing distractions". For example, Kothari says GE's mechanics now use Glass with software from Upskill to view instructions with videos, animations, and images right in their line of sight so they don't have to stop their work to check their binders or computers to know what to do next. Agricultural machinery firm AGCO has also seen a boosted machinery production time by 25 percent.

Following General Electric's lead, more than 50 companies-including AGCO, DHL, Dignity Health, NSF International, Sutter Health, The Boeing Company, and Volkswagen-have adopted Glass in the workplace.

When Google Glass debuted back in 2012, it generated so much hype that people expected it to usher in a new era of wearable technologies. Hit the link for more details.

The Glass team will be "collaborating with the Google Cloud team and our partners to help customers across a variety of business sectors make the most of Glass", he wrote.

Three years ago, an Explorer program let developers and other "early adopters" try out the glasses, in an early test of potential business applications.

Alphabet's Google officially launched the "Enterprise Edition" of its smart glasses hardware this week, which is now available to a network of Google partners. Google Glass was supposed to take pictures, notify alerts, find locations on a map and more, without the need to take out the companion phone.

The design of the glass has also been improved.

DHL estimates that it has increased supply-chain efficiency by 15 percent because its pickers can have their hands free while they fulfill orders, Kothari boasts in his post.

Alphabet today lifted the non-disclosure requirement on its Glass EE from the partners and opened up the program for more and more enterprises to join.

The newly designed Glass includes a hinge that allows Glass to be used like actual glasses, a design flaw that was very prominent on the Explorer models.

Forrester research predicts that some 14.4m American workers could be using Google Glass by 2025, generating between $1bn and $2bn in revenues for Google.

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