OJ Simpson WILL be released from prison

Geneva Matthews
July 22, 2017

Simpson, who was emotional as the decision was announced, could walk free as early as October 1.

Former Los Angeles Police Detective Mark Fuhrman said "the fix was in" regarding whether O.J. Simpson would be paroled.

Returning to his prison cell he raised his hands over his head and said: "Oh, God, oh!"

They cited, among other things, the low risk that he might commit another crime, his community support and his release plans, which include moving to Florida. I'm sorry it happened, sorry to Nevada.

"I'm not a guy that has conflicts in the street, I don't expect to have any when I leave here" he told the commissioners.

The same four commissioners watching from Carson City granted him parole during his last public appearance in 2013 on some of his 12 charges, leaving him with four years to serve before reaching his minimum term.

Of course, it's hard to imagine that the parole board would look kindly on one of their charges getting a job and home at a brothel.

Arnelle Simpson told the parole board Thursday that the family realizes he's not ideal but has done the best he can.

The panel has voted, and the disgraced sports star is free to go!

Those comments set off a social media firestorm in light of Simpson's arrest in 1994 for the brutal double murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

It was a steep fall from grace for one of the most beloved personalities in the Bay Area and the nation.

The Thursday hearing put Simpson in a position all too familiar for American audiences: in front of a camera, in a court hearing, waiting to hear if he would be imprisoned or released.

Former football star and convicted felon O.J. Simpson on Thursday asked four parole board members in Nevada to release him from prison, and they granted him parole. Ron doesn't get a second chance. In a sensational turnaround, he was found not guilty after a trial lasting almost a year, often dubbed "The Trial of the Century".

"I've not complained for nine years".

Five men, including Simpson, broke into the hotel room at the Palace Station hotel and casino and took hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from the collector. "And as a family, we recognize that he is not the ideal man, but he is clearly a man and a father who has done his best to behave in a way that speaks to his overall nature and character, which is always to be positive no matter what".

Two of those men testified that they carried guns. The others made plea deals and only ever had parole.

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