Leak from inside Apple reveals iPhone 8 design

Kristi Paul
August 2, 2017

According to the code, there'll be an infra-red face unlock feature within BiometricKit.

After spending more time being able to dive into the code, Troughton-Smith has found no evidence to suggest Apple's premium iPhone will feature an embedded Touch ID sensor in the display. After almost two days of sleuthing, Troughton-Smith found some code that appears to reveal a new feature that would let you unlock an iPhone with your face.

While Apple has yet to confirm the details about iPhone 8, which is reportedly slated to come out this fall, Estes noted that the rumors about forthcoming iPhones have generally proved to be true in the past. For its size new Apple iPhone 8 will take place between 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and it will be a competitor to Samsung S8 with its edge-to-edge screen at 5.8 inches in diagonal.

Even more tantalizing is a graphic of a device resembling the rumored iPhone 8 - referred to as "D22".

The features will be replaced with infrared facial recognition that allows users to log-in to the device using their face.

Rambo also discovered a new phone icon in the HomePod's firmware, which appears to represent an all-screen iPhone with a cut-out at the top-presumably for the aforementioned infrared camera, earpiece speaker, and any other sensors that won't work from behind the screen. The list includes a bezel-less design with no home button, OLED display technology, wireless charging, and a 3D facial recognition mechanism more sophisticated than anything we've seen on other mobile devices. The firmware is essentially the same as the iPhone firmware, but it has a few alterations. Apple released early firmware for the HomePod, which won't be coming to the public before December. There have been plenty of mock-ups already in circulation, but they've all been educated guesses, based on putting together supply-chain leaks, rumors, and speculation - this is the first image from Apple itself.

The leak does appear to confirm a couple of longstanding rumours.

Further probing of the firmware found an icon used to represent the D22 device, which shows a smartphone without Apple's traditional home button and a screen that nearly entirely fills the front of the device with only a cut out at the top for the front-facing camera, sensors and speaker.

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