Lawsuit Alleges Trump Pushed For Fake Fox News Story

Geneva Matthews
August 3, 2017

In a statement provided to CNN, Jay Wallace, Fox News' president of news, said the lawsuit's accusations are false and said the company's internal investigation into the retracted story has turned up no evidence Zimmerman fabricated quotes.

Much of Zimmerman's story weighed on quotes allegedly from Wheeler, whom wealthy Trump supporter and unpaid Fox News commentator Ed Butowsky reportedly hired to investigate the death on behalf of the Rich family.

Fox and other conservative news sources had been reporting that Rich, who was murdered in Washington 2016, was killed because he was the person who provided Wikileaks with DNC emails embarrassing Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

In the original report, Wheeler was quoted as saying he "absolutely" found evidence that Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks in the weeks before the website published stolen DNC emails that USA intelligence agencies believe were stolen by Russian hackers. The lawsuit also quotes a voicemail and text from Butowsky in May 2017 indicating that President Trump had seen a draft of the story before it was published and subsequently went on air with a segment on "Fox and Friends". He wants the article out immediately.

According to the lawsuit, then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer met with Butowsky and Wheeler, was provided Wheeler's investigative notes, and "asked to be kept abreast of developments" with the case. Fox News further suggested that the DNC had thwarted the police investigation into Rich's death, which authorities believe was actually a botched robbery, per NPR.

According to the suit, the story was meant to undermine the public's belief in the US intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation hacked the DNC and obtained the emails ultimately released by Wikileaks. For his part, Butowsky told NPR that his statement about Trump approving of the story was a joke.

"The president had no knowledge of the story and it's completely untrue that he or the White House had involvement in the story".

Butowsky said that there's "absolutely no reason" for him to apologize to the Rich family because, "I haven't done anything to the Rich family. It's now all up to you. but don't feel the pressure".

The suit alleges that the White House and Fox News Channel conspired to push a false story about Democratic leaks and the unsolved killing of 27-year-old Seth Rich in order to distract attention from the Russian Federation investigation swirling around President Donald Trump.

Both Spicer and Butowsky confirmed they met in April, but said it wasn't about the Seth Rich story.

Butowsky suspended his Twitter account this morning because, according to New York Magazine correspondent Olivia Nuzzi, "people are so mean".

In a statement, Spicer said: "Ed is a longtime supporter of the president's agenda". On Tuesday, in a contentious interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN, Butowsky denied Wheeler's allegations and said the lawsuit "is all about Rod Wheeler trying to get money". "I [was] being told, 'you will ask this, you will cover this.' For instance, after the gas attack in Syria - that disgusting sarin gas attack - I was asked to put questions to the White House that framed the issue in such a way that made it seem like the attack didn't happen - that it was staged".

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