Perseid meteors bring stunning shower of shooting stars across the UK

Tomas Mccoy
August 14, 2017

In the United States, the meteor shower is being seen as an opening act for the first solar eclipse to cross that country in 99 years, which is expected on 21 August.

But experts have warned that with the moon at three-quarters full, it may make it harder this year to spot the meteors as they fly past.

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and Shasta Astronomy Club will be holding a special viewing for the Perseid Meteor Shower at Brandy Creek Beach Saturday night. Year 1993, witnessed the best Perseid performance with a shower of 300 meteors per hour.

Did you take some pictures of last night's meteor shower that you can send us? Comet Swift-Tuttle is the largest object known to repeatedly pass by Earth; its nucleus is about 26km wide. In general, the Perseid meteor showers have 80 meteors an hour. In dark skies away from city lights you may see up to 40-50 meteors per hour. The Perseids refer to a regular occurrence of meteorites that appear to come from the Perseus constellation.

"The Perseids can be very bright and often spectacular".

"I think under good conditions you might see one or two a minute, probably more towards Sunday morning rather than Saturday".

The Perseids were the first meteor shower to be linked to a comet when astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli spotted their association with Swift-Tuttle in 1862.

The shower appears at around this time every year and is one of the key highlights in the astronomical calendar because of the sheer number of meteors that can be seen.

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