Pence draws attention to plight of Venezuelans

Geneva Matthews
August 15, 2017

Santos said no Latin America country would accept any form of USA military intervention in Venezuela and that it should never even be considered.

"We have no tolerance for hate and violence from white supremacists, neo-Nazis or the KKK".

Firing back at Trump's threat, Maduro's son - speaking as a newly elected assembly member - said rifles would "arrive and take the White House" if Venezuela was "tarnished" by USA military intervention.

After months of attacking Venezuela's unpopular President Nicolas Maduro, Latin America came out strongly against US threats of military action against the crisis-hit nation.

During a news conference, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said he told Pence the USA must not even consider military action in response to Venezuela's crisis.

Venezuela appears to be on the brink of chaos as a result of action taken by that country's leftist president, Nicolas Maduro.

Opposition protests in the country - which have gone on for months - have been met with violence and the country is also struggling due to food and medical shortages.

NBC reporter Peter Alexander asked why Trump didn't use similarly strong language to Pence.

Mr. Trump rightly bemoaned the spiraling conditions in that country's and declared that all options remain on the table - including a potential military intervention.

But if any USA military contingency planning is under way, it must be in its early stages.

"If the USA soils the homeland, the rifles would come to NY and take the White House", Maduro Guerra said, seeming to think the White House was located in NY, according to Venezuelan news reports.

Santos, who has largely marched lockstep with Washington's anti-Venezuela campaign, joined regional leaders who rejected the possibility of armed intervention in Latin America. "Venezuela is sliding into dictatorship, and as President Trump has said, the United States will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles".

An armed US intervention in Venezuela would be the worst possible response to the country's serious crisis, and it would be another completely unnecessary and unjustified intervention that serves no American interests, so it is not surprising that this administration is bringing it up publicly. "For much less, he has accused the US of imperialism". Rubio has Trump's ear on US policy toward Venezuela. He then bashed the media for criticizing Trump's vague statement.

Pence, however, told the Colombian president that the United States would much prefer what he called a "peaceable" solution for Venezuela.

Argentina said dialogue and diplomacy were the only ways to promote democracy in Venezuela. Using the American military to oust him would be a mistake.

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