Labour and Labor collusion over Barnaby Joyce grows

Camille Rivera
August 16, 2017

While Joyce - the leader of the Nationals party - is born in Australia, he told parliament his father was born in neighbouring New Zealand and moved to Australia in 1947.

A transcript of a July radio interview with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has emerged, with Mr Joyce saying that "ignorance is not an excuse" for dual citizenship issues.

Adding to the pressure are concerns a by-election in Mr Joyce's seat of New England could take the one-seat majority government into a minority position.

Mr Turnbull has told his party room Mr Shorten wants to steal government by entering into a conspiracy with a foreign power.

Mr English said the New Zealand Labour party showed "very poor judgement" in their involvement and believed it was "a statement of fact" that the controversy could result in damaging trans-Tasman relations. However, this has become a curse for many Australian political leaders lately.

Ms Ardern said she and her party had no knowledge of the issues around Mr Joyce until they broke in the media on Monday afternoon, but she acknowledged her MP should never have asked the question.

"From my perspective, we've made it clear it shouldn't have happened but ultimately it was questions raised by the media that caused this situation, rather than questions from us", she said.

Amber Heard, who was globally humiliated by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce when she was busted smuggling her pet pooches into the country in 2015, is now having the last laugh.

It does seem a bit freakish though that New Zealand automatically gives citizenship to anyone born overseas to a parent who was a New Zealand citizen or who was born there (Mr Joyce's father was born in New Zealand, Mr Joyce himself was born in Australia).

Julie Bishop accused the ALP of colluding with a foreign political party to damage the government, which NZ's Labour leader Jacinda Arden said was false and "highly regrettable".

Joyce asked for the matter to be referred to Australia's High Court for a ruling on his eligibility.

Mr Katter said his support hinged on the government backing his call for a banking Royal Commission and a probe into the need for bio-fuels such as Ethanol.

But with a dual citizenship scandal now rocking Australian politics, Joyce's own embarrassment is unlikely to go away any time soon.

The absolute best reactions to Barnaby's kiwi citizenship.

"This could do serious damage to New Zealand's relationship with Australia and the rights of New Zealanders in Australia".

Dual citizens are not allowed to run for public office under Australia's constitution.

"I would think one of the things that might help in a New Zealand election campaign is to be roughed up by Australians and to be resolute in your defense against them", he said.

And I would imagine that as emotions have cooled we will be able to have the relationship on an even keel.

"I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations created to undermine the government of Australia", she said.

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