Taylor Swift Completely WIPED Her Social Media & Fans Are Worried

Camille Rivera
August 19, 2017

While there's no official word on what caused the social blackout, several theories seem to be swirling around on Twitter, with two main frontrunners.

The "Blank Space" singer's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr accounts all went dark at the same time, with her profile pictures removed.

Going ever further, now, when visiting her website taylorswift.com, there is just a black screen.

In one sweeping gesture, Taylor Swift has set the internet on fire, wiping all her social media accounts clean and leaving only a blank space (baby), leading many to speculate that she may be gearing up for a major new release. And, while the date may simply be a coincidence, Swift fans-or Swifties, as they're affectionately called-believe that it's an intentional move on Swift's part, as 31 is 13, her favorite number, backwards. The social-media wipeout, along with a recent trail of Swift "insiders" teasing that the singer is hard at work on an upcoming album, indicates that Swift's sixth album - or even a new single - could be on its way shortly.

New music typically debuts on Friday at midnight, but given Swift's massive popularity, she doesn't need to follow any rules. The wildly successful pop album was released in late October.

"Is the new era coming or she has been hacked??,." tweeted another confused fan, using the handle TaylorSwiftNow.

Today, Taylor Swift shocked her many social media followers when she made a weird and interesting choice.

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