Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle preview: Jeepers Creepers

Kristi Paul
August 24, 2017

That said, Blizzard has pointed out numerous times what advantages PC gamers have over console players, especially in first-person shooter games.

With the launch of the Xbox One X only a few months away Microsoft needs an interim win to keep people interested in the console that is now in a very distant second place to Sony.

Greenberg explained that, while Microsoft doesn't know what kind of share of Xbox One family sales will be taken by Xbox One X consoles, they're really trying to manufacture as many as they possibly can.

We remind you that the $399 Xbox One S 1TB console that Microsoft has shown off at Xbox Gamescome keynote, comes with a Creeper controller, a vertical stand and download codes for Minecraft and the Minecraft Redstone pack. "On the platform side [we're] looking at things like what we call internally "Intelligent Delivery.'" It's basically a way of reducing the footprint a game will have on your storage space". Microsoft announced that this edition of the Xbox One S will be a variant with 1 TB of storage, as noted by The Verge.

Crossplay is the term applied to allowing gamers to play with other gamers irregardless of console what console they have chosen to bring into their homes.

If you own a previous Xbox One console then you can use an external HDD to backup your games and when you plug it into the Xbox One X, your library will be there. However, with Sony still being the company's biggest rivals in the gaming market, they have thus far not been able to collaborate on a crossplay game between the PS4 and the Xbox One.

What kind of games would you hope get crossplay support between Sony and Microsoft? In fact, many third-party developers are already working on enhanced games which will help highlight Xbox One X's true hardware power.

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