President Trump is dividing the country

Ellen Mills
August 26, 2017

Although Trump has called out groups like the Ku Klux Klan in prepared statements, his off-the-cuff remarks about how "good" and "fine" people were marching with white supremacists in Charlottesville may have served to embolden bigots.

The Quinnipiac University Poll reported 62 percent of the voters it surveyed felt that Trump is increasing divisions in the country; 31 percent said they felt the opposite.

President Trump's overall job approval was at 35 percent, while 59 percent disapprove.

Sixty-eight percent of voters think Trump's words/actions could cause an "international conflict", while 29 percent disagree.

The QU poll showed that 59 percent of voters believe that the president's decisions and behavior have encouraged white supremacist groups.

There is too much prejudice in the nation today, 55 percent of American voters say, while 40 percent say there is too much political correctness, the widest margin for prejudice since the question first was asked in June 2016.

Half of voters oppose removing Confederate statues from public spaces, while 39% support it, Quinnipiac reports, with support much higher (67%) among black voters.

Trump has popularized use of the term "fake news" to criticize news media and reporters that he contends treat him unfairly.

Seventy-one percent say his behavior is not what they expect from a president, while 27 percent disagree.

The survey was conducted after Trump vowed North Korea will face "fire, fury and frankly power" should it continue making threats against the United States.

The survey was conducted from August 13 to 17 and polled 1,000 registered voters.

Two-thirds of USA registered voters fear that President Donald Trump's "words and actions could get us accidentally involved in an global conflict،' according to a new poll، Daily Mail reported".

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