Xi meets Putin, calling for promoting world peace, development

Geneva Matthews
September 3, 2017

A full-blown crisis was averted as they backed off last week - perhaps to avoid sullying the summit - but it left a bitter aftertaste.

This time the BRICS summit is taking place on September 3 in Xiamen in China, which regards Pakistan as an "all-weather friend".

The session is expected to focus on the global economic situation, worldwide economic governance, national security and development, and worldwide and regional issues.

On the fourth evening, the BRICS leaders will be joined by leaders of the five guest countries for a welcome. Also invited by China to participate in the meeting are Tajikstan, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico and Thailand.

He added Brics countries should work together with other members of the worldwide community to secure global economic stability and growth. "Therefore, the Indian side is clearly aware that it will lack independence once the India, US and Japan alliance is formed, and Modi also knows an India-Japan alliance would be perceived as weak by the US, because Japan would be quick to withdraw if the US showed its disapproval", Jiang said.

"We value the BRICS countries' consensus on this issue, which allows us to more consistently advocate the foundations of an open, equal and mutually beneficial multilateral trade system and to strengthen the role of the WTO as the key regulator in worldwide trade", wrote Putin.

The PM had visited Myanmar earlier in 2014 for the ASEAN-India Summit, but this will be his first bilateral visit to the country.

Jiang said the larger meeting would focus on deepening cooperation and promoting cultural and people-to-people exchanges, as well as enhancing institution building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to hold a bilateral meeting on Tuesday, almost a week after India and China announced resolution of the 73-day-long Doklam standoff. I think it is a turning point.

He also talked about the newly implemented Goods and Services Tax (GST) and termed it as India's biggest piece of economic reform.

The dispute, which had begun to threaten the success of the BRICS summit, was resolved on Monday.

Cross-border terrorism from Pakistan is another topic that Modi is likely to raise with Xi during the meeting, which is expected to be for about 30 minutes.

Bilateral meetings including Xi-Putin talks expected late Sunday could touch on other global issues, such as concerns over North Korea.

Besides this, the symbolism of the BRICS summit is far too important for China as well to allow hostilities with India take over the narrative.

The Xiamen city, which is geographically close to Taiwan and separated by a narrow strip of Taiwan Straits, has been decked up for the high-profile summit. This is an illustration of the potential of multilateralism, which has been defined by John Ruggie as based on "generalised principles of conduct" for the whole group "without regard to particularistic interests of the parties or strategic exigencies".

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