President sends condolence to Mexico over quake losses

Geneva Matthews
September 11, 2017

Authorities have warned that the death toll could rise in the southern area of Tabasco, where two children were killed.

The country has been dealing with twin national emergencies this week: at least a further 65 people had already been killed in an natural disaster, the strongest in decades. And it's likely to strike land just about a day after the country was hit by a major, magnitude 8.1 natural disaster.

Mexico's history of earthquakes: Residents of Mexico City often think about earthquakes after one in 1985 killed 5,000 people and destroyed large parts of the city, the LA Times reported. Residents of the Mexican capital fled into the streets, many in their pajamas, for fear buildings would collapse.

"God, let him come out alive!" said a woman watching as four cranes and a fleet of trucks removed what remained of the building's crumbled wing.

"I was driving when the ground started to shake".

"It nearly knocked me over", Gildardo Arenas Rios, a 64-year-old security guard in Mexico City's Juarez neighbourhood, said.

Authorities initially declared a tsunami alert stretching all the way south to Ecuador, but lifted it several hours later.

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At least 90 people killed across the country as emergency workers still look for victims under the rubble. "In many cases the walls have cracked or collapsed completely". Another, an infant on a respirator, died after the quake triggered a power outage.

The ministry's center for global cooperation along with the Israeli Embassy in Mexico is to provide aid for the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas that were hardest hit in the deadly quake that struck late Thursday night.

He said it's unlikely more dead will be found in the town, but said soldiers were still digging through the rubble.

"The power of this quake was devastating, but we are certain that the power of unity, the power of solidarity and the power of shared responsibility will be greater", Peña Nieto said in a televised address on Friday.

A hotel mostly collapsed and many homes were badly damaged in the predominantly indigenous town of 100,000 people, which is tucked into the lush green southern mountains near the coast.

Sirens wailed across Mexico City warning its estimated 20 million population of a rapidly approaching quake from the Pacific, the latest use of its effective early warning system.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says waves of 1 meter (3.3 feet) above the tide level were measured off Salina Cruz.

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