Rare Phenomenon As Irma Literally Sucks The Water Away From The Shoreline

Geneva Matthews
September 11, 2017

"That's as far as they see".

"What happened in this case was that the low pressure of the hurricane pushed down on the water in the eye and eye wall of the hurricane which is a low pressure system at at the center of the storm", Neely said in his post.

Pictures and video of the weather phenomenon having been posted on social media and show beaches that would usually have several feet of water completely dry.

Two fatalities have been confirmed, and the National Hurricane Centre has been warning residents of the potential for massive storm surge taking over the streets.

As Hurricane Irma closes in on South Florida, it's pulling water away from the shoreline of an island in the Bahamas-a weather phenomenon rarely witnessed.

This is one of those things - a hurricane strong enough to change the shape of an ocean. "And they don't know where it went!"

"Low pressure is basically a sucking mechanism - it sucks the air into it, and when it's really low, it can change the shape of the surface of the ocean", explains the Post's Angela Fritz.

The wind on Long Island in the Bahamas is from the southeast to the northwest on Saturday. As the storm draws water toward the center, it gets pulled away from the surroundings.

Some Twitter users expressed concern over this rare occurrence as receding shoreline that exposes the ocean floor is often a sign of approaching Tsunami. The Category 4 storm made landfall Sunday morning in Florida, where it is expected to move up the western coast of the state.

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