Harry Dean Stanton, Legendary Actor, Dead At Age 91

Camille Rivera
September 17, 2017

Legendary character actor Harry Dean Stanton of "The Godfather: Part II" and "Pretty in Pink" has died.

The Kentucky-born star had a career which spanned more than six decades, appearing in dozens of films, including 1984's Paris, Texas and Repo Man. Stanton would make some sizeable television appearances as well, including that of Roman Grant on HBO's Big Love, not to mention recently reprising his Twin Peaks role as Carl Rodd on the series revival from Showtime this year.

Lynch, a frequent collaborator with the actor in projects like "Wild at Heart" and the recent reboot of "Twin Peaks", said in a statement after Stanton's death that "Everyone loved him. And as an actor, I think all actors will agree, no one gives a more honest, natural, truer performance than Harry Dean Stanton".

Stanton said Nicholson told him to "let the wardrobe do the acting and just play yourself", according to Variety. But more general audiences will probably recognize Stanton from a brief part where he interacts with Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in The Avengers in 2012.

Despite a number of relationships, notably with Rebecca DeMornay in the early 1980s, Stanton never married, and is not known to have had any children. In the film, Stanton stars as a 90-year-old atheist seeking enlightenment.

"There went a great one".

Director and actor Samuel West tweeted: "Harry Dean Stanton in PARIS, TEXAS".

"As a person, Harry Dean is just so attractive. May you rest in peace". He first big-screen gig was the 1957 Western Tomahawk Trail and would work steadily after that for the next 60 years.

Director Lynch will be familiar to movie fans for his acting roles - he played Arthur Leigh Allen in Zodiac, Norm Gunderson in Fargo, Twisty the Clown in American Horror Story, and a whole host of other classics. But again, that's just one of many memorable turns in the career of this living legend. "Loads of love to you wherever you are now!". Shepard offered Stanton the role of Travis, whose tortured, broken soul is nearly mute for the whole hauntingly attractive film. "I don't act like their father, I act like their friend", he once told NY magazine.

After Navy benefit in the Pacific amid World War II, he put in three years at the University of Kentucky and showed up in a few plays.

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